What’s the difference between copywriting and content marketing?

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Or are they the same thing? As I started reading the many informative and thorough articles on the difference between copywriting and content marketing, I discovered they are not the same but they are very related.

I was learning a lot, but I felt like I was going down the content marketing rabbit hole reading article after article and clicking on hyperlinks within hyperlinks taking me further away from my original question.

I was getting confused and wondered if I could understand the difference between copywriting and content marketing better through an analogy. …

My lifelong quest to master speaking Italian taught me perseverance, boldness, and to embrace feedback. Italian also taught me grammar, vocabulary, and to love writing — in English. Italian will always mesmerize me but English is snappy and allows me to speak directly to the reader so they take action.


From the moment I first stepped onto Italian soil and heard this eloquent, melodious language, I was hooked. I could tell the answer to my boredom and lack of meaning in life, at age 18, would be found pursuing the mysteries of this magical language. Learning Italian gave me purpose.

That was a question I started asking people a few years before I myself separated from my husband. So many people I knew were breaking up after long marriages and I was genuinely curious as to how they finally made the decision to split.

Of course no one could really answer that question very easily and certainly not in a few words. The ending of a long term relationship doesn’t usually happen from one definitive event.

So now I sit here and ask myself the same question. Why did I get a divorce? And actually I haven’t gotten a divorce…

I lost three hours of my life and woke up as a writer. This is my fairytale.

On Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 4:15 PM, I was on a bike, slowly cruising down Grove St., as I did every day at that time as part of my commute home. My next memory is waking up three hours later in the ER with my husband (estranged) next to me.

“What happened? How did I get here? How did you get here?” I had been asking those same questions over and over every two minutes for hours so the ER doctor decided…

I should be ecstatic. I have the dream teacher job. I get paid a ton of money to be called a teacher and I do no teaching. I don’t have to do any parent-teacher conferences, there are no virtual back-to-school nights, there are no staff and faculty meetings. I have a classroom full of bright, kind, usually well-behaved children.

Then why am I so full of angst? Why can’t I just sit here and look pretty? Because my dream teacher job depends on the pandemic continuing and the schools staying closed. This makes me feel morally wrong. Adding to my…

Justine Forelli

Justine is a mother, teacher, and writer. Her passion is Italian so she created https://ciaoitalianista.com where she shares Italian recipes, travel, language.

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