Blackout: Today is the One Year Anniversary of my Freak Accident

I lost three hours of my life and woke up as a writer. This is my fairytale.

Tommy Boy — My Face Hurts
  • 4:18 PM: I checked out the bike from the bike sharing station.
  • 4:24 PM: Someone used my phone to take photos of me. I was sitting up so I must have been sort of conscious even though I have no memory of that. And presumably the person who found me asked me for my phone to take the photo. And apparently I gave it to them. I am so grateful for this Good Samaritan who found me, took a photo of me with my own phone, gave me my phone back, and called 911.
  • 5:16 PM: I make my first texts. I texted my estranged husband and my daughter and said “I’m hurt. I’m in the hospital. Bike crash.”
  • 5:22 PM: My daughter calls me. The nurse saw me talking on the phone and since I wasn’t supposed to me doing strenuous things like using my phone, she took it and talked to my daughter. My daughter told the nurse my estranged husband’s number.
  • 6:01 PM: I’m in a texting conversation with my estranged husband. I’m still confused and looping.

Justine is a mother, teacher, and writer. Her passion is Italian so she created where she shares Italian recipes, travel, language.

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